Carbon Consciousness & Action


CitizenMetz is  about our relationship with carbon.  How we think (or don’t think) about our carbon usage, how we  translate our carbon consciousness into action, and how we can spur a movement to change our culture’s relationship with carbon.

cropped-dsc000271.jpgI (Matthew Metz) started this blog when I realized that my friends and I, although convinced that a carbon-caused climate crisis is upon us, are still profligate in our use of carbon.  We wait for others (the Congress, the Chinese, the oil companies, inventors) to save the day, while we ourselves do little or nothing.

Carbon is the fount of energy on which our culture runs, and we fear that disassociating ourselves from it will decrease our power.   We tell ourselves that we cannot do without our high levels of carbon consumption, because it will unduly handicap us as we pursue our lives.

This blog digs into our relationship with carbon, and suggests pathways for changing the understandings, habits and social norms which support its profligate use.

I invite readers to contribute–to comment, to propose ideas for future posts, and to guest blog.   Please email me with your ideas.

I studied economics at the University of Chicago and the Sorbonne, and law at University of California, Los Angeles.   I worked in the U.S. Senate, in East Los Angeles for an immigrant rights organization, and  later co-founded the Central Area Development Association, a community-based economic development organization, where I worked for six years.  I also founded a coffee company, developed real estate, and was for many years on the board of the United Nations Association of Greater Seattle.  I practiced for 14 years as a lawyer in downtown Seattle.

I am now the executive director of Coltura, a non-profit organization dedicating to changing the carbon consciousness of Americans.

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  1. Nick Tedesco on said:

    Great website, Matthew. It’s much needed.

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